Company Profile

About Cortana Corporation

Cortana Corporation is a small business that was established in 1976 to provide leading edge technologies and consulting services to governments, private industry, and commercial activities. Our core skills are hydrodynamics, process engineering, and team leadership. Cortana has military, commercial, and international experience in the field, including signature reduction for a wide range of ship types and classes.

Our research areas of interest are hydrodynamics, process engineering and remote sensing. Cortana has military, commercial and international experience. Cortana Corporation has successfully completed many multi-year technical research efforts for U.S. and international customers. Topics within these programs included boundary layer control techniques; suppression of submerged and surface ship signatures in the visual, near-IR, mid-IR and radar bands; characterization of specific hydrodynamic signatures generated by candidate submarine designs (Bernoulli humps, wakes, surface scars, etc.); and development of high-quality optical bulk data, along with algorithms necessary for spectro-radiometric exploitation and modeling. Cortana is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia.

Values and Philosophy

Cortana is more than just a company. It is a team of individuals working together in a manner that is uncommon in today's fast-paced technological society. We are proud of our employees and our company. We strive to provide successful career opportunities that allow for growth and advancement, continuing education and training. The Cortana team is made up of highly skilled engineers and scientists working together to solve diverse problems.