Maritime Security

Schematic outlining Cortana's multifaceted approach to maritime security

Cortana has several focus areas that, when combined, work in unison to form a multifaceted approach to maritime security. While the collection and quality of the data and information by any one technology is very important, a major emphasis at Cortana is the fusion of data from multiple collection schemes. A fundamental value of the Cortana information fusion approach is that the scientific foundation and of the analysis justification is preserved throughout the exploitation process.

At Cortana, we have several ongoing projects, which include: feature-extracting ocean imagery, dynamics ocean-vessel interaction modeling, autonomous chemical sensing, material optical property measurement and modeling, and large-scale numerical simulations of the evolution of hydrodynamic processes. Our team is comprised of talented scientists and engineers with years of experience designing custom, objective-oriented solutions to complex problems. By providing an experienced, talented staff with the best tools available and constructive guidance, Cortana empowers its customers to: do more with available resources, make informed decisions, and move forward with confidence.