Doing Business with Cortana


Cortana has served many customers and solved many industry challenges over the last several decades. Some examples of our government clients include the Office of Naval Research, DARPA, and Naval Air Warfare Center. We have also served US ally governments. As our scope of research in the remote sensing arena expands, we look forward to growing and developing new technologies and processes that will bring benefits to an even broader expanse of customers.

Strategic Partners

Cortana is committed to the success of the programs we support and strives to create value for our clients by delivering the highest quality research. Cortana partners with some of the most highly recognized companies to bring exceptional knowledge, skills and technologies to our clients. We are committed to developing strong cohesive teams to provide cutting edge research and services to our clients. We are open to developing new alliances with businesses that are committed to delivering quality research and development services with integrity. Part of our partnering strategy involves selecting companies with exceptional corporate values and a strong commitment to science.

We value all of our established business relationship. Our hope is to expand these relationships to assist in exceeding our customers' expectations.

Academic Collaboration

Cortana has a long history of working with universities and academic institutions to convert the latest research into enhanced capabilities for our customers. Our world-class team of scientists and engineers are able to work with our academic partners and bridge the gap between science and operations. We have found that the bright young minds found at universities can bring new and fresh ideas and technologies to our approach in solving the diverse problems of our various customers. Additionally, universities have the ability to provide specific laboratory facilities that we do not currently possess as a small business.

Business Opportunities

If you are interested in doing business with Cortana, please send your inquiry to